Terms and Conditions for partner

Flower delivery order to b e l l e f l o r

Acceptance of orders

b e l l e f l o r accepts the orders normally per fax or online, sometimes as well per phone and passes them to a selected florist close to recipients address, if the order is for Germany, Austria or Switzerland. All further orders will be given to reliable partner organisations. The flower and plant presents will be delivered personally. Only orders with complete address and connected telephone number of recipient can be accepted. In any case should the partner be able to contact the ordering person in case of problems.

Delivery time in Europe and outside Europe

If the order arrives before 11.30 h CET and no special flowerchoice is spezified, normally delivery in Europe, United States and Canada, can be made the same day. Orders to Asia and Australia must arrive 32 hours, to Africa 24 hours before requested delivery date. If client likes a certain delivery time, we'll pass this information to the florist without any guaranty, it's in his consideration to regard this request. The deliveries take place during normal opening hours. Deliveries on Sunday or bank holidays need an agreement before.

Assortment of Flowers and Plants

The choice of flowers and plants depends on the regional availability. In any case a second choice should be given, if special flowers plants are requested. If the available flowers, plants are too different in sort and colour to customer's option, partner will be informed to modify the order with his client.


The rates in the price list are minimum prices an include the flower present (at least size S), greeting card and delivery fee in city area (the delivery address is in between 5km to next florist), our service charge and VAT for deliveries in Germany. Deliveries outside Germany are VAT-exempt. If the delivery should be made outside city area and the given amount ist not sufficient or the flower present would become too small, partner is asked to contact his client for either accepting a smaller flower present, or raising the order amount or the order can be canceled. Furthermore we don't exert influence on the service charge of partner.


The invoice for given orders during one month will be made in the beginning of the following month. For partners in Germany and Austria the amount will be reducted by direct credit authorization from their bank account. About changement of bank details should be informed immediately in the basic datas or per fax. For partners outside of Germany and Austria the payment will be made in between 14 days to the given bank account.


Conditions of delivery for orders from b e l l e f l o r to florists

Placing an order

b e l l e f l o r places his orders per fax or email, in some cases per phone, if florist has no fax or email account. For deliveries in Germany the payment will be done via bank transfer directly with sending the order, normally the amount is shown already one day after on the account of the partner. For deliveries outside of Germany the payment is made via bank transfer always on Thursday, after the reception of delivery confirmation.

Delivery delay

If recipient is absent while delivery is made, he should be informed with a note either in his letterbox or a message should be left on his answerphone, asking to get in contact after return. If recipient is absent for longer time and doesn't respond during the next day, florist should try to sell the flower present and keep the rest of the order value, till recipient is back. If delivery is not made in between the agreed time because of technical problems or act of nature beyond control b e l l e f l o r should be informed immediately, as in this case the customer must agree to a later delivery or can take the possibility to cancel the order. This applies accordingly, if the failure is in the resposibility of florist and the recipient gets a suitable compensation as excuse for the late delivery.


The delivering florist guarantees, that only fresh flowers / plants of perfect quality are delivered. If there will be a reclamation anyhow, we need  a calculation of the flower present in written form, which will be compared with recipients statements. Rarely we need a copy of the bill of sale to be able to attest the freshness of the flowers / plants. Normally we find a solution  togehter with the partner to satisfy recipient and customer if applicable.


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